by Jupidy

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released October 22, 2014

Jupidy Is:
Frank Louthan: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica & Clapping
Shepard Martin: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass, Banjo & Clapping
Josh Grindley: Piano & Lead Guitar
Evan Dillon: Various Percussive Instruments (Including Clapping)
Tracks 1, 4, 6, 10 & 12 by Shepard Martin
Tracks 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 & 11 by Frank Louthan
Track 5 by Shepard Martin & Frank Louthan
Recorded at Squirrelly Studios between October 10 & October 13, 2014
Phone sounds at the beginning of "Ghosts In These Walls" from: www.pdsounds.org/sounds/tone_dialling_phone_germany



all rights reserved


Jupidy Atlanta, Georgia

turtle neck influenced indie rock

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Track Name: Ghosts In These Walls
There are ghosts in these walls
And they run down the halls
Let them run down the streets
Dancing and singing

There are ghosts in this house
Let them run round and round
Let them suffocate
You and I

And we'll run and sing
What a great day to die

There are ghosts in this town
And they run the place now
At least in our minds
Well it's just about time
Track Name: Sail Away
Sail away, sail away with flowers in your hair
Come see me, come see me, just let me know you're there
Or if you even care

But oh, I'll wait for you
If it's nothing new, 'til they run me through
I swear I'm true, I'll wait
I'll wait for you

Run away, run away, I can't stop you
Don't come back, no don't come back until you have found what you're looking for
Track Name: Paint Me Black
A heavy load and a worried mind
Sometimes I wish that I was blind
Sometimes I don't know what I wish
But I miss that spot where we would fish

So show me what it is to live
Been sitting so that now I'm stiff
Please take my hand and lead me on
I need to see it before it's gone

Alone is the worst place to be
I'm begging you to dance with me
We'll skip right through this forest dark
Wait up all night to hear the herald's hark

So paint me black. What the hell?
I love you is all I can spell
When they come, they'll come for me
I know that's how it's gotta be
Track Name: (I Don't Know) How It Feels
Summer breeze was a-blowin' tattoos staining her skin
Said that she was a drifter marked all the places she'd been
But it's alright
It's alright
She felt fine

Storm clouds move on a gray sky painting all the hearts black
Trouble won't come this way again because we'll keep it like that
But it's alright
It's alright
We feel fine

So give me some kind of burden I don't know how it feels
Fix my heart 'til it's broken hurt me 'til I can heal
Hate me until I love you fix my heart and my soul
Give me some kind of burden how it feels I don't know

Rivers flow into oceans and problems go the same way
Lies just become bigger like tattoos won't go away
But it ain't right
It ain't right
But we still feel fine
Track Name: Purple Crayon
He likes New York, says it on his shirt
Been a long time coming, but he knows it's gonna work
Wonders where the time went sand's all gone
He flips it over and sings a song

I don't need no house, don't need no shoes
Don't need no car, what's left to lose?
I'll give it all up to you in a matter of time

She just got off and she's headed home
She sealed that deal, she can feel it in her bones
She believes she's doing well, oh well
But what's that money worth in hell?

It's not down, it's not up to me
I'm asking for too much, you see
Let it be, let it be

All these people in my brain
Pray to God I'm not insane
I don't know where I'm gonna go
But it's alright, I'll just say...
Track Name: Postman Blues
Hey Mr. Postman, could you write me a letter?
Tell me of a song you once knew
And maybe I'd sing it and I could be happy
And get rid of my postman blues

Hey Mr. Postman, could you write me a letter?
Put it in the box by the road
And maybe I'd get it and I could be happy
Like you are when you meet someone you once knowed

So why, oh why can I not be the person I used to be?
And why, oh why is that such a problem? That used to make me happy

Hey Mr. Postman, could you write me a letter
Wrap it in a box with some twine
And maybe one day I could rip it open
And maybe that day I'd feel fine

I'm just a post-man, I'm after myself
Stuck in the history of me
And maybe my future could hold something different
But right now, now is all that I see
Track Name: Trapped In My Mind
All of these rules have me wishing for a land with no laws so that no one could break them
But deep down I know every man understands what's right and what's wrong and can't shake him
And if all this is true, then why do we do all the things that we know that we shouldn't?

I can remember being so small that the world couldn't fit in my imagination
I've learned some since then and one thing I know it I can't comprehend all of nature

Don't burn me out
Just keep me going a little longer
Don't let me loose
Just loosen the yoke on my shoulders

All of these words, they are trapped in my mind, and my mouth just can't seem to free them
And if you could see through me as sometimes you do, you'd know what I mean without me telling you
Track Name: Tambourine Song [Live]
We'll I been playing this tambourine,
Rambling on about the things I've seen
And I ain't seen much, so what I haven't seen I just make up

I've been strumming this here guitar
Talking 'bout was and were and where they are
I play this music and they ring nickels in my jar

So play along with me
And shake your tambourine
There's nothing in this world you can't be
When you're dancing to the beat of that tambourine.

And I been wearing the green man's clothes
Carry on my back all that I own
I abandoned my post and now I'm headed home.

And I've been walking that gravel road
Tow behind me all that I owe
The traveling gets hard, I'm just praying that the Lord, He knows.

I up and built myself a home
Swing that hammer 'til the day is done
These boards may break but they could never break our love
Track Name: A Thousand Glass Bottles
That shimmering water
It shines like gold
I don't want to go it alone

I got all these blank pages
Not a thought in my head
We're all getting fed up with what's not being said

A thousand glass bottles
All shining in the sun
Just a constant reminder of all the wrong that you've done

All of these corn rows
Too many to count
I'm sorry, but I just can't shake these feelings of doubt

I know when I get the chance to talk
I won't say anything at all

We're all just kids
But we'll soon be adults
If there's one thing I'm wishing it's that time would just halt

A thousand glass bottles
All shining in the sun
They look pretty good next to bullets and guns
Track Name: Don't Wanna Fade
Storms move out over
These wild, empty plains
Something here is missing, I'll call it pain
Everyone love the sunshine
But the rain's what helps you grow
Where would we be without the birds and the bees and some seeds to sow?
What do I know?

Hey now, brother
Why are you living in the past?
All of those dreams and those thing you thought you'd be they ain't gonna last
So watch out, brother
Don't you get behind
You only live once, so live in the now, in the present time
Why don't you live your life?

Fire on the sunset
Evening in the sky
The sun to rule the day and the brightest reflector to rule the night
The stars burn quickly
Soon they begin to fade
The sun comes back to again rule the day
I don't wanna fade
Track Name: 514 (bonus track)
These holes all in my jeans
They remind of a dream
A dream I had about you
And all our friends were there too
You said, "I'm up and moving on.
In the morning I'll be gone.
You don't come following me.
I want to lose your memory."

The rips all in my pants
They remind me of a chance
A chance I didn't take
Turned out to be a big mistake
You said, "You better pack up your bags.
I swear you'll end up in rags"

These tears all in my slacks
They remind me of a crack
It opened up real wide
And I fell deep inside
I hear voices in my head
They try to tell me I'm dead
I know I'm still alive
Just looking for a place to hide.

Being chased down here in the underground

I've got these old Levi's
Guess a couple years have gone by
We've sure been through a lot
Gonna wear these things until they rot